Plenary Discussion Sessions 

As part of the 16th SGA Biennial Meeting plenary programme there will be three discussion sessions. These discussion sessions will take the form of a moderated panel discussion. Each will address a broad topic and have a panel of key invited experts. 

The dates and times of the discussion sessions will be notified once the 16th SGA Biennial Meeting technical program has been developed.

The future of the minerals industry; essential for modern lifestyles and climate change mitigation or environmentally and socially problematic?

Organized by Simon Jowitt1 and John F.H. Thompson2
Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA
2PetraScience Consultants, Vancouver, Canada

Global metal and mineral production has increased significantly over the past century, enabling the development of modern standards of living as well as low-CO2 energy and transport solutions. Indeed, hitting climate change mitigation-related CO2 targets will require even higher levels of a range of base, precious and by-product metals compared to current levels of production. However, the global minerals industry is seemingly facing a conundrum where the positive aspects of mining, namely underpinning a low-CO2 energy and transport future, are offset by environmental and social risk that may impede both current mining and exploration activities as well as future metal and mineral production. This panel discussion will focus on environmental and social performance, and the impacts on mineral exploration and mining. We will also discuss knowledge gaps relating to how we provide the mineral and metal resources needed for modern standards of living while mitigating climate change, and the development of new technologies, approaches and knowledge that can help produce these minerals and metals in a socially acceptable manner.

Contact: email Simon Jowitt at

Lifting the hood on the relationship between academia, industry, and geological surveys

Organized by Thomas Belgrano1 and Halleluya Ekandjo2
1Ore Deposits Hub and the University of Southampton
2Ore Deposits Hub and iCRAG, University College Dublin

The academic, industry, and government sectors of the minerals community need to work seamlessly and symbiotically if we are to deliver the minerals necessary for the energy transition. Strong opinions and misunderstandings within this relationship abound, so join Ore Deposits Hub and the SGA for a ‘group therapy’ session between the academic, industry, and geological survey sectors of minerals geoscience.

Contact: email Thomas Belgrano at

Geoscience outreach – how can Baby Boomers connect with Gen-Z?

Organized by Dale Sims
President, Australian Institute of Geoscientists; email 

Communicating the social and physical roles of geoscience in addressing our shared needs around the UN Sustainable Development Goals requires intergenerational outreach.

So too attracting, teaching and developing the future generations of geoscience professionals to deliver these needs.

This panel brings passionate geoscience educators/communicators together to address a simple question; How can we, as the current geoscience cohort, better communicate with and inspire our future professionals?

Contact: email Dale Sims at

Student Discussion Session

Organized by Michael Gazley, PhD
Principal Geochemist and General Manager Geoscience at RSC 

This session features a discussion session between Michael Gazley, Lauren Farmer and Stephie Tay who will talk about some of the challenges of students entering the minerals industry and some of the solutions to those challenges. Recently, as part of an AusIMM initiative to drive engagement with the university students, Lauren and Stephie recorded videos to explain what they do in their roles and how they got to where they are today. We will play these videos to set the scene for the session. The panel will also answer questions submitted by attendees via the conference platform.

Contact: email Michael Gazley at

Diversity and Inclusion Discussion Session

Organized by Kate Finch1 and Annette Pocock2
Kate Finch Consulting and Chair of Women in Resources (Northern Territory)                                                                                              2BSc, BCA, MSc, MAusIMM, Geologist, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration 

A commitment to diversity and inclusion will see everyone able to fully participate, pursue rewarding careers, and see our sector unlock its full potential. Join Marina Costelloe from Geoscience Australia to hear how you can empower your team to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. With a passion for driving change that contributes to diversity and community development, Kate Finch draws on her professional and personal experiences to collaborate and advocate for diversity and inclusion. Kate is Chair of Women in Resources Inc, a not-for-profit organisation working with industry, government, and the community to increase diversity and inclusion in the Northern Territory’s resources sector. She is also co-lead of the International Women in Mining Alliance's Inclusive Workplace Design Working Group, which aims to launch its global policy framework later in 2022. This is just a snippet of the superb line-up of speakers for this session.

Contact: email Kate Finch at or Annette Pocock at

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