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Mātauranga: connecting people within the environment

Māori are a people with a systems level worldview that at the time of European arrival in Aotearoa, had already generated a complex knowledge system, one which incorporates and applies a sophisticated understanding of ecological principles. This knowledge system is distinct from western knowledge, yet is capable of co-opting scientific inquiry, potentially informing and directing science in novel and powerful ways. The purpose of this symposium is to outline this worldview and knowledge system in order to give insight into the way Māori communities perceive their environment, and the nature of their engagement within it. Building on this, we hope to explore, via both traditional practice and current research examples, the opportunities and the challenges for working within this worldview. We hope that this will give some direction for ecologists who wish to meaningfully and genuinely engage with Māori communities. 

Organiser: Dion Pou (Independent ecologist and Ngapuhi) 

People and Nature in Cities

Over half the world's population lives in cities, more than 85% of New Zealanders are "urban" and urban habitats continue to expand at pace. In recent years ecologists have devoted increasing attention to urban nature, its many benefits for people and the potential that urban habitats hold for conservation of biodiversity. This symposium will explore the latest research in urban ecology and biophilic urban design from across New Zealand and beyond.

Organiser: Stephen Hartley (Victoria University of Wellington)

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